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BBQ Anyone?!?

The more I am around good Sunday morning Christians, the more I sense a distance between Jews and Gentles. What I seem to observe from Gentles is that they have a mindset that they are superior over G-d’s chosen people. But few would admit to this though. They seem to take out any sort of Jewish tradition and coat anything Jewish as, “It was relivent 2,000 years ago but not in this day and age.”

Being Swedish by blood, always attending a messianic synagogue, and my parents send me to a conservative Christian school–I see things differently than most!
When G-d’s followers try to take out that Jesus is Jewish it’s like eating without nutrition, trying to play a piano without fingers, or riding a bike with knees–it just doesn’t work! Until you understand the Torah, you can risk not truly understanding the New Testament because both section of the Bible connects to the other, and you also risk not truly respecting and knowing G-d in the proper ways He is to be feared.

Recently I was in a setting that I was forced to listen to a Christian missionary speak. Not too long into the speech I could pick up that the speaker was not exactly a advocate for the Jews–or even a supporter of them. The speaker made a reference comparing blood sacrifices in the Torah to … BBQ. This is a perfect example of when you don’t study the Torah or take it as serious as the gospels you may not have as much respect for the L-rd.

Whether you embrace that Jesus is Jewish or not I encourage you to find a synagogue (preferably messianic) and attend a high holy day service, Shabbat service, or a Torah study.

You don’t truly understand someone until you learn about their roots and background. It’s the same with the L-rd.


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