The Storm Still Rages- Guest blogger Lauren Flickinger

It’s funny how everything can change in a matter of a year. Sometimes for the good and sometimes for the bad.

 Last year I was saying: I hate me. I hate life.

But today is not that day. Today I get to say: I love where I am today

Last year I was praying: God please take me

But today I’m praying: Thank you for victory

Last year I was thinking: I can’t do this anymore

Today I’m thinking: I can do ALL things (Philippians 4:13)


Last year the storm raged.

The waves tossed, knocking me to the ground

The sky darkened, I couldn’t see

The thunder boomed, there was no hope; this storm was going to take me

The see was deep, I was drowning

I seemed to be in an everlasting storm


But today I’ve found hope

Sometimes storms still come

But I’ve found my anchor amid the storms

The waves toss, but I remain standing

The sky darkens, but I still see the light peeking through the clouds

The thunder booms, but I hear a whisper, “I am with you”

The sea is deep, but I remember I can swim

I remember: This storm is but for a moment


When you walk through the storm remember the victory you have in our sweet Savior

Go on sing it!

Shout it out!

Praise God for the victory!


“I heard an old, old story

How a savior came from glory,

How he gave his life on Calvary

To save a wretch like me

I heard about his groaning

Of his precious blood atoning

Then I repented of my sins and won the victory”




Perhaps this next verse of this hymn is the best to sing over and over when walking through the storm

“I heard about his healing

of his cleansing power revealing

how he made the lame to walk again

and caused the bling to see;

and then I cried “Dear Jesus,

come and heal my broken spirit”

And somehow Jesus came and brought

To me the victory








I’ve found the victory I have in Christ.

I’ve found His peace

His healing

His power

I’ve come from a place of no hope, to a heart full of hope.

Storms still come, but I have hope, I have victory, I have peace.

Today I say and I mean with my whole heart, “IT IS WELL WITH MY SOUL”

-Lauren Flickinger


Confessions Of A Dyslexic Pretty Girl, Part 2 

Almost two years ago I published a post titled, “My Value has not decreased, It may just be a little different then yours~ Confessions of a dyslexic ‘Pretty girl’  I wrote this blog at a vulnerable time in my life when I was trying to figure out, “Whats next?” I was insecure about not going to college because I didn’t get in. In fact, I just barely graduated high school. I shared about how I found my niche in fashion, and makeup as a creative outlet when school was too stressful. Times have changed since writing that post and I decided to do a part two. 

I cried out of insecurity when writing that post and to my suprise, it ended up getting national attention. I think my readers appreciated my honestly and how I was vulnerable. 

About a year ago, I started my path towards the entertainment industry. I was in hopes of becoming a singer, however I was advised by several industry professionals to try focusing modeling as well. When I was given this advice, my heart always sunk a little bit. I never felt as if I was good at anything besides having a decent physical look. I didn’t want this advice, but I understood that those that were giving me the advice knew what they were talking. I didn’t want to loose opportunities simply because I had to much pride not to listen to them. 

I found that I actually love being in front of the camera as a model. Within a short period of time, I have accumulated a large portfolio. Additionally, I believe that I have found the route that I would like to take my professional career. I’ve learned that I love branding and marketing. I’ve leared that I can tell stories with not only words, but through pictures with my emotions and poses. I’ve learned that eventually, I want to be on the other side of the industry as a talented scout, industry coach, or a booking agent. I probably would not have learned these facts if I hadn’t embraced my physical appearance that I was embarrassed about two years ago. What I have learned is that being physically attractive is NOT a fault in the way that I saw it not too long ago. Meanwhile being academic is NOT a fault. I still wish that I was mentally able to achieve the dreams I had as a child to pursue an academic path. However I am no longer sad and have accepted it. I am contented within finding that I am pretty.

Pretty loving 

Pretty talented 

Pretty insightful 

Pretty nice

Pretty creative 

Pretty determined 

Pretty strong 

With much love, 


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Photo courtesy of AB Portraiture

Hair and Makeup: Unica Beauty 

How I found my voice- Guest blogger Brixey McWhorter

Initially, with all the wonderful things in life, I found my voice as a writer and individual when I was LOST.  For the past year and a half leading up to August 2017, I was barely employed. It was a trying season for me as I felt discouragement on many different levels in life. From fighting my own inadequacies, to essentially being without a job for over a year and a half, and confiding in anyone and everyone instead of those who I am closest to.

Last year I was significantly lost. I didn’t see clearly, and I was too stubborn to verbalize my need for help to the ones who mean the most to me. So instead, I turned to the community with my fears and anxieties in life, which was both a beneficial and a negative thing. I turned to the community, and I turned to my notebook and pen.

Though I would vocalize some of my fears to people, I would also press myself to spill it all out and navigate it on paper. On paper I did not have to go to my family, or friends, or people within the community, and I didn’t become what I felt like was a burden to those whom I spoke with when I word-vomited whatever I was going through at the moment.

So, out of adversity, confusion and being lost — a voice for poetry was born. It led me and taught me how to be honest and raw with myself. Through writing, I found in me the things I value and the things I hate. Through it, I am learning to celebrate them all. Learning to love myself and others better through this magnificent magnifying glass I have been given.

Though it is cliche to say, if you are out there and you are lost, this time may honestly be rough and challenging, but perhaps it’s a special time that has been granted to you so you may encounter the gold within you. Whether it be your voice or something else that may come about from the time you are enduring. Maybe the dark times in our lives are only here so we can encounter the genuine light within us and others.

~Brixey McWhorter