A Year After AMTC

One year ago, I graduated from Actors, Models, and Talent for Christ (AMTC) at the Shine Tour in Chicago. I have learned an abundant amount of information about the industry, and myself. I could write a book about all that I have learned in the past 365 days however, I decide to share a few important or just plain handy information and tips.

  • You don’t need to keep 10,000 outfits in your car at a time. Life can get hectic for sure, and you really don’t know when a job will present itself, however, a modeling bag and a shoe bag should be enough.
  • Enter the job as if you are a model from NYC, be humble as if you’re from Kansas
  • Cliff Bars and a bottle of water are lifesavers in your bag
  • Watch your mouth, this community can be malicious at times and it can be easy to indulge in gossip
  • Dry Runs (visiting the location prior to the call time and getting the scope on the area) are always necessary and you will not regret doing one.
  • Stop investing in people who don’t want your skills, help, or wisdom.
  • Use Instagram Business
  • Be cautious when considering collaborations. If the end results won’t add value to your portfolio, you don’t need to do it. I LOVE doing shoots with a darker theme to it, but would I ever add photos of looking like a sad, lonely, child in an abandoned building to my book? How would my agent be able to market these photos for commercial jobs?
  • Organization will help you tremendously in the long run

You may be wondering what have I accomplished since my time has ended with AMTC. It has been a crazy year, and I haven’t accomplished as much as I would have liked, however, I’ve continued to move forward in my career. In the past year, I have…

  • Graduated Modeling school
  • Walked the runway a couple of times
  • Did a short film that won an award
  • received some nice feedback from a commercial casting agent (this was a total surprise because I’m not 100% an actress at heart)
  • Did several dozen photo shoots
  • Signed with an amazing mother agent

I would like to personally thank all of the staff and volunteers at AMTC, Hoffman International Model and Talent Agency, Wlaa Style, Impact Models, my mother, and all of the photographers, clients, and hairstylists that I’ve worked with this past year. Without you, I would not be where I am at today.

I think the biggest lesson of all is that I’ve learned that it is not healthy to compare my journey to others. I am connected with the majority of the other performers who attended the 2017, Chicago Shine Tour, and some of my peers are working with big-name clients while others are not. I am happy and excited to see what this group of talented individuals are going to continue to do in the entertainment industry. Part of me feels like I should be booking these big jobs because my peers are. I have worked hard, but it does not feel like my career has moved at all in the past year. When I take a step back, I realized just how much I have grown and learned and that in itself has value. How can I ever grow if I only put my focus on the success of others and not myself?

Comparison can be good, but it can also be unhealthy. On a runway, you have to be focused on what is at the end of the stage. Yes, you have to be aware of what is going on around you, but when it’s your time to step on stage, your focus has to only be on end goal, or you will literally fall off the runway. I have fallen off of the runway in a literal sense one time, and a metaphorical sense, several times.

My encouragement for you is to stay focused while you walk the runway of life. Stand tall, take long strides, look fierce, make eye contact with your audience, and continue moving forward. Keep shining ❤

Photo courtesy of Nerdy Studios

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Yom Kippur Playlist 2018- Growing up Messianic

Shalom, the holiday of Yom Kippur begins in a couple of hours at Sunset of September 18, 2018, and will go until the sunset of the 19th. Contrary to the majority of most Jewish holidays, this is a somber observation. As almost everyone has their own interpretations as to how this day should be observed, I decided to put together a short Messianic driven playlist for your day.

Worshipful Songs:

Bo Ruach Elohim

In Your Presence- Paul Wilbur

Let The Weight of Your Glory Fall- Paul Wilbur 

Brokennes Aside- All Sons and Daughters

*For Some reason I cannot get a link to work on this one

How Can It Be? – Lauren Daigle 

Kodesh- Paul Wilbur 

Uplifting Songs

Face to Face- Mat Kearney 

This is Amazing Grace- Phil Wickham 

Start a Fire- Unspoken 

If you personally decide not to use electronics on this Holy day, I hope that this playlist can be a blessing in the future. May you have an easy and meaningful fast.


Happy Rosh Hashana 2018- Growing up JewISH

Shalom ya’ll

I have been in a creative slump lately. I have lots of ideas for content, but yet nothing for this blog. I figured that since Rosh Hashana (Jewish new year) is quickly arriving I should add something to series.

It might officially begin until September 22, however, Starbucks is selling Pumpkin Spice Lattes so, in my book, fall is here. While coffee plays a huge part in my life during Autumn (which is always a good thing), this is my favorite season.

When I think about the months between September-November I get warm and fuzzy feelings. While there are so many spectacular things about Fall, the High Holy days are my favorite. The Jewish faith is known for their holidays. There are 12 holidays within the Jewish calendar, but this does not include Shabbat (which happens on a weekly basis), or acknowledgment of the new cycles of the moon.

The High Holy Days are Rosh Hashana to Yom Kippur. There are 10 days in between the two observances, and within that time we are to evaluate how we have been living and repent.

After Yom Kippur, the remaining holidays in the fall are Sukkot, and Simchat Torah. This time of year is special to me because while I am an outsider for the majority of the year, there seems to be more of a sense of community when the High Holy Days begin, theirs more dancing, praying, and overall joy.

I have shared before being raised within the Messianic movement was difficult. I had a tough time finding where I belonged and this is an issue that many who grew up as I did experience. As I have grown older and wiser, I am confident to say that I know who I am and whos I am. It does not bother me like it once did that my religious viewpoints and convictions make me different from virtually everyone that I am ever around.

The traditional foods for Rosh Hashana are apples and honey. These foods are sweet individually but when they are paired together, they are even sweeter, they compliment each other. I like to think that they could represent the Jews and the Gentiles and how they make a beautiful and complete combination together. I think this combo is why I love the holidays. Throughout the world,  Jews and non Jews get together separately, and sometimes together to celebrate the appointed times that are in the Torah. While we may have different understandings as to what the holidays mean to us, we are still celebrating.

I long for the day that we have complete unity with all of Gods people with the Mashiach. I encourage you to be in prayer for the Jewish people as we are officially in the High Holy day season and the future is unknown for many.

L’shanah tovah tikateiv v’tichateimu