Transformation Tuesday 

Today is Transformation Tuesday. If you actively follow this blog you may have noticed that I haven’t been posting as frequently. I have been working on several writing projects and I am excited to (finally) share with you how God is using Lama-Leah.

I am honored to officially announce that I recently became a permanent writer for Discovering YOU Magazine. This magazine is published once a month and my first article was in the February issue that was released this past week. I am grateful for Dr.Tunishai Ford giving me the opportunity to write for Discovering YOU. 

I am looking forward to seeing how God is going to continue this small blog that has grown. I give all of the glory to Him.

If you are interested in reading this magazine, below is a link to subscribe!

The Surprise Guest

It was a typical day in New York City. I had been in the city for a full day so far and I was enjoying it. It was evening and decided to have some dinner. I was enjoying a delightful salad and was starting to relax a bit. As I was finishing my meal a celebrity that frequently comes to New York came in the restaurant. I have to admit, my emotions got the best of me. I was in shock to see them in there. I almost screamed! Who was the celebrity you may be asking? I will give you a hint – he ran inside the salad shop to get some salad. He is small in stature and can be seen in different, diverse parts of the city on any given day.

Who was it???

Well, he was almost cute… He was… a mouse! A rodent ran through the restaurant.

I made a quick exit and continued my evening.

This was one of the first impressions that I had of this city.

The restaurant that I was in seemed to be a nice. It was in a lovely district, not an area of town that you would expect a mouse to be traveling through to the restaurants. However, it was a chilly evening and for some reason they were keeping the front door open. If the door had not open the rodent probably would have made his way inside.

I challenge you to consider if you have any doors open in your heart that could attract rodents. If you are a child of God your heart is pure through His blood and no rodents have a reason to be within you because you have Christ. Your heart is a reflection on your relationship with Yeshua.

Philippians 4:8 states. “Finally, brothers and sisters, whatever is true, whatever is noble, whatever is right, whatever is pure, whatever is lovely, whatever is admirable—if anything is excellent or praiseworthy—think about such things.”


Single Girl’s Guide to Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s day a few days away. I am writing to those who do not have a special someone to share this day with.

To some being single on Valentine’s day makes them sad. To others it is empowering. I am the latter one, but I understand the feeling of being alone too. If you are feeling sad, here are a few ideas on how to spend February 14th:

  • I highly suggest that you distract yourself. Do a project — either a project that you need to do around the house or something creative such as trying a new recipe or a Pinterest DIY.
  • Take the day to “unplug.” Turn your phone off! It is easy to go into a single girl pity party when you see how your Facebook friends are being spoiled by their significant others.
  • If you are in the Valentine’s day mood, make heart inspired crafts for your friends. Use the washi tape and make it fun!
  • Write love notes to strangers and leave them in public spaces. Show complete strangers that they are loved and valued; it may just make their day.
  • Spend time on yourself. Go to starbucks! Spend time in nature, go on a walk, make an appointment at a spa.
  • Spend time in the word of G-d.
  • Throw a “Galentine’s” day party (a Valentine’s day party for just you and your girlfriends).
  • If you can, go on a road trip.
  • Buy yourself chocolate and eat it in one setting while watching Legally Blonde 1, Legally Blonde 2, and Mean Girls.
  • Make coffee, buy some pop-tarts and watch Gilmore girls.
  • Have a Karaoke night with yourself.
  • Go to Target because Target makes everyone happy.
  • Go thrifting. Hit every thrift store within a twenty mile radius.
  • Offer to “babysit” your friend’s dogs for the night.
  • Give yourself a makeover and just stay in. Put on those high heels that you feel great in but can hardly walk in!
  • Read a book that you have been wanting to read (avoid anything written by John Green or books that are “gushy”).
  • Dance party!
  • Try making Kombucha – that’s different!
  • Go to the gym and play basketball.
  • Have flowers delivered to yourself.
  • Try doing the Pinterest hairstyle that you have been wanting to try but looks difficult.
  • Paint! Fill up several canvas in one setting.

Please remember you are loved! You may not be given flowers but you have a heavenly Father who loves you enough to give you eternal life! Your value has not changed, nor will it change based on your relationship status. You are important and an asset to the world, remember that! Valentine’s day is really just another day and the real holiday is February 15th, 16th, and 17th when Valentine’s day chocolate is 20%, 30%, and 50% off on clearance at Target. 🙂

How I OVERCAME Depression

In the past few weeks I have been open about my best friend saving me from suicide. I have been celebrating that I have made it two years and have not since tried to end my life (again). When I share my story many assume that I no longer fight depression, this is not true, however, I have learned how to overcome.

I recently went on a nature walk. I was stressed and fighting depression. I took the time to simply enjoy some fresh air and took along a journal and a pen. I wrote the following while admiring God’s creation.

“To me victory over depression is not having the privilege of being happy, it is finding the courage to leave the house when you don’t feel like it. It’s putting on an outfit that you feel good in and going on a walk when sadness is taking over, even if you only have enough energy to walk around the block once. It is the point in which you discover that YOU are worthy of self-care. Victory over depression is when you see the smallest joys in life, despite having the spirit of depression over your soul.”

Some have assumed that after that cold January night I no longer fought depression or suicidal thoughts, but that could be no further from the truth. I can honestly say that if my parents and my school hadn’t constantly “watched” me, I probably would have tried to end my life again. At points I felt suffocated, however, I was not in a mental state that I should have been alone. That night was not the end of my battle nor the beginning, however, it was when I began learning how to achieve victory.

In order to be an overcomer, I had to start doing the following.

I had to grid my teeth and endure therapy. My therapist was beyond patient with me as I was a stubborn patient. Yet, I learned valuable lessons within my time spent at counseling. Some argue that therapy is not important as long as they have someone to talk with. In a few situations this could be true. I say this because therapy can be extremely beneficial — you could be struggling with other mental health issues besides depression and the therapist will share techniques on handling your depression.

Before therapy could be beneficial, I had to believe that I was worthy of self-care and recovery.

Additionally, I had learn what my limits were, and how to say no. On certain days I cannot handle situations that can be triggering. On some days I can endure but not always. I am a protector, however, I oftentimes forget to protect my own mental health. I have had to be able to find the courage and strength to walk away from situations that can hinder my recovery.

I changed my health by what I put in my body. I learned for me consuming meat changes my mood. When I eat meat my anxiety and my depression becomes high. Therefore, meat is not in my diet. *I get plenty of protein for anyone who is wondering.*

Lastly, I have learned how to push myself. I have times that I desire to stay in bed all day. I try not to let myself do that though. When I am deeply depressed, even as I have limited energy, I make sure that I leave my home and go for a Target run or a nature walk.

I am an overcomer because I have learned how to live life in a healthy manner despite fighting depression. I have learned my limits, and how to appropriately push myself while having this disease. I see every moment that passes as a moment to celebrate recovery because each moment is one that I continue to live as the enemy has tried to defeat me.

If you battle depression, let me assure you that you too can win victory with the simple power of self-care — physically, mentally, and spiritually. Please be reminded that it is always worth the fight.