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Yes, I Do Dance at Church

As I have written about before, my parents have raised in me in the Messianic Jewish church/traditions. Well, in the region of America that I live in, there are few Jews (believing or non-believing). I have grown up mostly around those who are middle class, Christian, and Caucasian; middle class, Catholic, and Caucasian; middle class,… Continue reading Yes, I Do Dance at Church

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Eternal Flames

"This little light of mine. I'm gunna let it shine" In honor of Chanukah, I am going to write about the festival of lights. If you are not familiar with this holiday I'll give you a brief summary of it. During the intertestamonial period (400 years of silence) the Jews only had enough oil to… Continue reading Eternal Flames


Myths About the Messianic Congregation

I am not going to pretend that I am an expert about Messianic congregations or that I have some hot-shot degree in theology, but I've grown up attending Messianic synagogues and attend a private Christian school and I often times find myself refuting these common myths about Messianics: 1) Messianics rely on their salvation based on… Continue reading Myths About the Messianic Congregation