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The Little Girls Selling Lemonade

I made it to the weekend! The week has been enormously better than the one before. As many of my readers know, my top career choice at the moment it to be a artist. My parents have exposed me to many aspects of fine arts from an early age, and to them it shouldn’t be an surprise that I want to pursue art for a living. Unfortunately, many in my life compare my artistic ability to those in my family and have suggested that I do something else with my life.

Just over the summer someone asked me what I want to do after high school and I said that I want to be an artist and they told me, “You need to choose something that you wouldn’t mind doing and makes money.” I have been told many, many things, comparable to the phrase just stated.

Today I went to the art museum with a few others. Through different parts of the muesum someone in my group was mocking the fact that I am going to be a professional artist someday. It was upsetting to me but I have received so much disapproval that I have learned just to brush it off. I told my mother what they were saying and she said just what I needed to here. She said, “Well, you just have to prove them wrong.” And I know that I do because if I actually listened to what almost everyone has told me, I’d just let them win. Awhile ago I was telling a friend how many, many, many don’t believe that I can make it in the art industry and they pointed out that several world renown artists parents didn’t want their child to be an artist and they ended up being extremely successful. Another friend told me that Van Gogh himself was not very successful for a very long time and look where his art is now!

When I came home a little neighbor girl and her friend were selling lemonade. I chose to be a good neighbor and I walked over to support their little business. I asked them what they are going to do with the money and they told me that they want to go roller skating. This was encouraging to me because they didn’t let someone just tell them “No.” They were working to do what they wanted to do. Just the way that I have to work having little support from family and friends. Eventually the person who was mocking me apologized. They said, “I am sorry I didn’t mean to hurt your feelings.” I said, “I accept your apology, but you have to careful what you say to me because someday I may paint you.”

Just like I have to do, don’t let others tell you not to follow your dreams because when you do, you are letting what they are telling you tear you down. You have no idea how impacted your goal may be if you don’t even try. “Fears kill more dreams then failures.” So go be the little girls selling lemonade, who took steps in order to do what they wanted to do.

Also remember, when someone has lemons support their lemonade stand.

P.S. I have added a virtual art gallery to this website. Feel free to check it out. If you have any art ideas for me, leave me a comment, or if you have a suggestion for a topic, do the same.


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