Be a Lemur, Be YOU

Hello everyone! I hope that you are having a fabulous week. I decided to take a small break from my serious, “Growing Up Messianic” and write a feel good type of post.

If you do not keep up with my modeling, I will give you a brief update of what is going on with my career.

In the Spring of 2017, I reluctantly followed the path that I felt God leading me, and started the journey towards becoming an actress/model. That summer, I began building my portfolio and traveled all over the country to participate in industry related classes and workshops. By the fall, I had a semi-large portfolio and I competed in AMTC’s SHINE in Chicago. Despite walking in a difficult season within the winter, I continued working towards my dreams and goals. This spring I signed with a Mothering Agency and I am looking forward to seeing what the Summer brings.

When I said, “Yes” to where I felt the Lord calling me, I had NO IDEA what kind of a wild ride When I take a step back and reflect on everything that I have done in the past yearISH, it seems simply unbelievable. From having several opportunities to train with top industry professionals, fitting five photoshoots into a weekend, to having the privilege to walk and perform with career and life-changing VIPs in the audience. Even with all of the CRAZY opportunities I have had, I have rarely gotten nervous before or during any of these experiences. I generally feel comfortable in front of the camera or when I am on stage.

This past weekend, I was pushed in a way that I was not expecting too.  On Friday, I received a text message from my agent to show up to the agency following day wearing…………


Out of everything that I have had to do that was uncomfortable, nothing has made me more upset then the thought of working out with not only a group but with other models. It is silly, but I did a nice and long ugly cry when I got this message. My anxiety skyrocketed, and I was praying that I would get sick in order to get out of this. I had flashbacks to Junior High gym class, where I was always the last one to fished the timed mile. I was dredging this request from my agent.

What could possibly go wrong? Ummm it could be apparent that I rarely do a vigorous workout, that I have absolutely no athletic ability, or that deep down, it terffies me to work out with others.

I was anxious and nervous. I am fairly secure and confident in my measurements, however, I still sometimes become insecure about my extra skin, height, and commercial features. I started doing exactly what I try so hard to avoid doing, and I was comparing myself to the other models.

My mom tried to comfort me, and she gave me some advice that I feel can be valuable to anyone. She told me the following:

“Leah you are not a fashion model and never will be, you know that. You may occasionally get a booking for fashion model look, but you will not spend the majority of your career on a runway. Those fashion girls, are like giraffes, they have long legs and long necks. You are not a giraffe, not even a baby giraffe because you do not have a neck of a fashion model. I see you as being a lemur. You are small but have big eyes. You cannot compare a giraffe to a lemur, because they are extremely different. Embrace who you are. Go into your —- (castings, bookings, auditions, ect) with a good attitude, be okay with laughing at yourself, work hard, know your stuff, and you will go far.”

My mother is very wise. Being a model is far more then being, “Pretty” but being able to bring a unique look to project. I apprecaite that so far, in every modeling or training oppertunity that I have had, I have not looked like anyone else in the room. Likewise, nobody is going to have the “Leah” quirks and personality.

My challenge for you is to go into the world an embrace exactly who you are, whether you are a llama, cat, sloth, or a peacock. BE YOU and be AMAZING at it.

If you would like to follow my modeling journey you can find me on Facebook and Instagram.









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