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Unashamed Vs Lukewarm

Before I start blogging I have something to say.

“My name is—-… and I believe in Jesus Christ… He said deny me in front of your peers and I will deny you in front of my father.. if you are not ashamed, put your name in my place of mine and make it your status. #facebookchallenge
Clean copy in the comments.”

If you have been on Facebook anytime lately, you have most likely seen this on at least ONE of your friends profile. As I scroll through my feed I have seen this multiple times. This is great, but too often I have seen posts, videos, and pictures from the same person that contradict this statement.

I hate to break it to you, but G-d says that if you deny Christ in front of your friends He will deny you in front of his Father. He also says that He will spit out lukewarm Christians.

Putting a status on Facebook does not mean that you will automatically go to heaven. Similarly, going to church won’t make you a Christian. Being a true follower of Christ means more than going through the motions of being a Christian. It is more than singing a Mercy Me worship song on a Sunday morning and watching Fifty Shades of Grey in the afternoon. It is a consistent search for G-d and His Rauch HaKodesh, and striving to live for something higher in this world.

When one declares on social media that they are a Christian and love Jesus, but their lives and other posts say the opposite, those messages are more effective in a negative way than in a positive one. If you ask almost any random non-believer what they think about Christians, their answer would be, “Christians are hypocrites.” When one posts this message all it does is it makes this myth bolder. The truth is not everybody who says they are a “Christian” is necessarily one. There is a visible difference from a lukewarm Christian and one who has a personal relationship with Christ. Likewise, not every Muslim is going to be a member of ISIS; and not every Catholic lives a sinful life six days a week and confesses on the seventh. We take one stereotype of each these groups and believe it is true for every follower or the religion itself.

If you have profanity on your Facebook page, I ask you not to post the short paragraph on the top of this post. All you are doing is proving that Christians are hypocrites. You will do more damage to un-believers than restoration.

One does not need to make a status saying they are not ashamed of the gospel; others will see it in your life without social media.


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