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Flying High

It was the night. It was finally happening. On Valentine’s day I was going to a formal dinner with a lovely teenage boy who was Tall, Dark, and Handsome. I had been looking forward to this for awhile. I had a purple high low dress on and high healed shoes. He treated me like a Princess that night. I arrived at his house about a half an hour late — my make-up artist took longer than anticipated, so I was in a rush.

One thing I didn’t do before the evening was to practice walking in my shoes. Some part of my thought process was that it was an “okay” idea to wear high heals when I don’t typically wear that style of shoes. We were about to depart his house and I made the comment, “Hey! I can actually walk in these shoes!.” Can you guess what happened next? I fell off his parents porch, and had countless fashion disasters at the dinner.

Recently, I was reflecting about when I fell off my Valentine’s day dates parent’s porch. I thought of it in the sense of trying to do something by myself knowing I can’t do it. Deep down I knew that I could not walk in those shoes based on the style. Sometimes I (and most people) become guilty of trying to conquer something challenging without G-d in the picture. We come in knowing we can’t do it on our own, but yet we try. I wonder why we do this. I think why this is so easy to do is because we don’t want to acknowledge that we need someone to walk with. Many times it is easier to do things on your own than ask anyone for help. Pride plays a huge role in this. I wanted to wear those shoes. I thought that they were cute, nobody was going to tell me that I can’t wear them. If we focus on conquering challenges with G-d by our side we can potentially save ourselves from heartache, disappointment, and frustration. Without G-d possibilities are limited, but with G-d possibilities are unlimited.

For the rest of the night, my date walked with me at the snail speed, and helped me get to where we needed to be, and it was a lot easier that way.



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