Does The Devil Know The Bible Better Than Anyone?

Back in the day, the phrase “The Devil knows the bible better than anyone” was tossed around frequently in my bible study. We used it when we thought Satan was manipulating gods word for evil or wrongdoing.

I know that who I am today is someone that I feared becoming. I could not wrap my head around anyone knowing about the gospel and turning it away. I thought maybe they didn’t understand or that they had been hurt by the church, and that’s why they were actively rejecting it. I was indoctrinated and very shallow-minded. If I have harmed you with this narrative, I deeply apologize.

Being in the bible belt, I frequently have strangers or acquaintances try to minister to me. These people don’t know my background and I politely say no thank you. I could have a theological debate and maybe win, but that is not my personality. I know both sides of the argument well (one side better than the other). Now I understand how easy it could be to manipulate the word of god (I’m not saying I would). It is hard to see a creator as loving without the Christian worldview glasses on.

Does the Devil exist at all? I dont know. It it something simple to blame your problems on? Sure. If it does exist, would they know the bible better than anyone else? Perhaps. Theoretically speaking, should a believer know the scriptures just well? Yes.

Photo by Designecologist on Pexels.com

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