Lama Leah: The Reason Behind The Name

Happy weekend everyone! May you be blessed.

I have writers block. By nature I’m not someone who plans things out. I didn’t really know what to address this week and so I decided to tell you more about what Lamaleahblog is really about and why I named it this.

A llama is protective by nature. If you haven’t been able to tell, I am protective. I am protective of the not-so-popular point of view. I am especially protective of the messianic Jewish movement. I see the Jews go through persicution daily even from so-called Christians. I believe that social change can happen if we get rid of stereo types and begin treating those who are different from you as people.

Llamas don’t fit in, neither do I. I have a vast variety of interests and I don’t solely fit in at any one place. Llamas are put into farms to protect animals and they don’t look like they belong there, but they continue to do their job. I do the same. I’m a city girl with social just and I go to a small private Christian school and students have sports on there minds. I’m a intellect but I’m not academically smart, and I have deep thoughts but no one would expect it.

I can’t tell you how many times people have me that I can’t do something. I’m not typically respected because of who I am. I’m not a good orator and I’m not confident to share my thoughts. After many deep thoughts I was sitting in class I thought to myself, “Why don’t I actually share these thoughts?!?” Nobody will ever know what I’m thinking if I don’t actually express them! I found a journal that I had written in when I was in elementary school. When I read it, it was basically a Lama-Leah post just on paper with the same format and everything. I look back now and think, “Where would my writings be now if I started sharing them when I started deep thinking?”

I know not everyone appreciates what I write about. I have gotten my fair share of “Hate mail.” I’ve also been overwhelmed by the amount of postive feedback that I’ve received. As far as the hateful words, at least someone is reading and thinking about what I’m saying. I eventually want to take Lamaleahblog and do more public speaking with it. I rely on God as to how far this project is going to go. If you have any ideas for content please let me know! Blessings to you.


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