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Do you ever notice that notice that who look like each other are often friends with each other? No matter where you go Aclose friends will often times have similar occupation, world views, social class, and maybe even dress like each other. I understand why people do this. We find comfort in spending time with… Continue reading sTeReOtYpEs

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Age Vs. Wisdom

If you know me personally, you know that I'm a "nerd." I'm not a "nerd" in the way that some people are passionate about comic books, video games, or rock bands. I am very passionate about self educating myself, helping others, art, writing, making and listening to classical music, and I try to always find… Continue reading Age Vs. Wisdom

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Be Somebody Who Makes Everybody Feel Like a Somebody

Realationships with others is one of several things that keeps me going. There are few things that I love more than meeting new people and getting to know their story. Often times I embarrass my older sister because I tend to start conversations with others that I have never talked to when I am in… Continue reading Be Somebody Who Makes Everybody Feel Like a Somebody

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Story Time by Lama-Leah. “The Rose Among Wildflowers”

There once was a bouquet of flowers. The bouquet mostly had purple wild flowers in it and were arranged in a mason jar. Though most of the flowers were wild flowers it had one red rose in the arrangement. The purple flowers made fun of the rose for being different. They didn't see any value… Continue reading Story Time by Lama-Leah. “The Rose Among Wildflowers”