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Have you had your L.O.L for the day? It's no secret that Valentine's day is coming up. The national single awareness, cheesy chick flicks on Hallmark channel, and eat your emotions on overpriced chocolate day as I like to call it. Even though I say these things, it is still my favorite pagen holiday! I… Continue reading L.O.L.

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Dear Teacher, Please Let Me Be Creative

Adult coloring books are "the thing" right now. For Chanukah my mother gave me one of these. Now my mother NEVER let me have a coloring book growing up and so this was the first one I have ever owned. Because I have "learning disabilities" my brain simply gets tired faster then most other people's… Continue reading Dear Teacher, Please Let Me Be Creative

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Dear Bully — An Open Letter

Dear Bully, how are you doing? I want to thank you. Thank you, my dear, for helping me become a strong person, for pointing out my best and worst personality and physical traits to me. Even though I am now thanking you, I will not let what you did to me change me for the… Continue reading Dear Bully — An Open Letter

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Baby, It Says It’s Positive

"She is so young." "She is a good girl. Good girls don't get in trouble." "She should take care of it." "She made a mistake." Well, if you haven't figured out this weeks topic is teen pregnancy. Gasp! And no, I'm not making a pregnancy announcement. I love others! G-d has given me a heart… Continue reading Baby, It Says It’s Positive

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Little Boys Who Play With Fire Will Get Their Hands Burned

Bright, warm, smells great,  you can get close, but if you touch it, it will hurt you. Any guesses? Yankee Candles are wonderful. To me, something is comforting about walking into a home that has that amazing smell of a candle burning. In a way a candle being lit can resemble sin and the consequences… Continue reading Little Boys Who Play With Fire Will Get Their Hands Burned