Good things that I miss sometimes about religion

I spend a lot of time discussing the ways growing up in organized religion brought harm to my well-being. These days I do it mostly because I think it’s relatable to those who had similar upbringings. I am still processing my trauma, even though I’ve been out of church for a while. For this post, I thought that id share about the good parts of being raised in the evangelical church.

Here are a few things that weren’t that bad, and that I sometimes even miss

  • Community
  • Worship nights
  • Potlucks
  • Holidays
  • Late night theological disscusions (now that’s shifted into conversations about our deconstruction)
  • Drives with friends talking about Jesus
  • The routine of going to church every week
  • Fellowship after the service
  • Dramatically belting out Lauren Daigles “I will trust in you” Now that’s changed to embarrassingly singing Olivia Rodrigues when I’m home alone
  • Having a reason to get a little dressed up every week
  • Seeing good/god in the insignificant

Now I don’t miss these things to go back to being a regular attendant of church. I’m simply reminiscing. Hope you guys have a beautiful day

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