Heres to 23

Every year when my birthday rolls around, I feel a little lost. I suppose it’s exciting but at the same time, I wonder how in the world I made it another year. As someone who has always shitty mental health, I never thought I’d make it past the age of 17. I turn 23 this week, and for the first time, I don’t feel anxious about growing another year wiser.

Here are a few things that stood out in the past 364 days.

  • I grew in confidence and stopped wearing makeup every day. It’s something that I do maybe once a week.
  • Was offered a contract as an actor in a big city. I would have had opportunities to work for recognizable companies, however, I denied them for a couple of reasons. I’m no longer at a point in my career that I feel a need to say yes to every single opportunity.
  • My partner’s daughter told me to get in the picture at Christmas because ‘Your family too’ 
  • Was forced to be content staying at home
  • Got on a consistent sleep schedule for the first time    
  • Learned how to enjoy coffee at home and elevated my brewing methods
  • Hosted a small vegan Thanksgiving  
  • Had a lot more acting auditions, and even one from my agency for a Netflix show
  • Explored spirituality
  • Met several online friends out in the real world
  • Became more bubbly and am learning how to speak up and stand up for myself
  • Stood by my sister while she got married
  • Had a few mentor sessions with girls trying to get into the industry (I still find it shocking when people come to me for advice on that subject)
  • Purchased a fancy doorbell

Here’s to 23 and all the adventures in store.

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