20 Things I learned in 2020

I think we can all agree that 2020 was a terrible year. I figured why not make a list of just a few things I learned? Now these are in no particular order, some are pre-pandemic life, time being unemployed, or just a few weeks ago.

  1. Making coldbrew coffee is a fun hobby to do at home
  2. Reach out to those you talk to strictly on Instagram. Invite them out for coffee, or give them an old fashion phone call. Check in with them
  3. Not everyone hates me, get better at not assuming that
  4. Don’t stress over a job that barely pays over minimum wage (or any job for that matter)
  5. People are watching what you do, its those you least expect who are your biggest fans
  6. Surround yourself with dreamers and go-getters.
  7. You don’t know your partner until you’ve gone through a move with them (even if its just down the street)
  8. Gin and Tonics are actually really good
  9. Don’t buy a big bag of produce when it’s just the two of you at home, it will almost always end up rotting before it gets used
  10. Make pizza in the air fryer
  11. Buy full outfits when you go to Target. It makes you happy.  
  12. Tempeh is very versatile
  13. Write in notebooks more often
  14. It says a lot about someone by how they handle a pandemic wedding
  15. Drink more water
  16. Make the most use out of your actors access account
  17. Its difficult to make homemade ravioli when your kitchen is the size of a shoebox
  18. Speak up
  19. You need alone time, savor it when you get it.
  20. It is okay to have boundaries, even with family

As always if you want to talk, feel free to reach out. PC: LeonaLane Photo

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Email: Lamaleahblog@gmail.com


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