Why wear a Mask?

I am the first to say that I haven’t been perfect in wearing mask or practicing distancing. When I was unemployed because of COVID-19. I wasn’t going to parties, but did I always wear a mask when going to the grocery store? Its embarrassing to admit that I did not. At the end of May, I was exposed to the virus and got quarantined. I wasn’t experiencing symptoms, but the few days that I had to stay in, waiting for my test my perspective shifted and changed.

I never thought that a small piece of fabric would start an uproar. However, in the past few months has sparked quiet the debate. I’ve gotten into many arguments and disagreements with friends and family over this topic. Honestly, I don’t understand the mentality of not wanting to protect yourself or others, especially those who may not be as privileged as you. Before you go out in public, I’d encourage you to consider the following.

Wear a mask for the elderly

Wear a mask for the essential workers who are risking there lives so that you can have mail service or go to the grocery store

Wear a mask so that kids and college students can go back to a campus this fall

Wear a mask for those who can’t afford to miss work.

Wear a mask for those who don’t have health insurance or will struggle with additional medical bills

Wear a mask to flatten the curve, so that things can go to some sort of normal again.

If not for yourself, wear a mask for your community. Do it as an act of love for others.

All the love,

-Lama Leah



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