Things I took for granted before COVID-19

It’s fair to say that I am ready for things to go back to what used to be my normal. I do well with change, in fact, I love it. Without the Corona Virus happening, I don’t think I ever would’ve realized the small pleasures in life that I take for granted.

  • Good talks with co-workers.

I miss working at the coffee shop, I’ve learned new ways to make coffee at home because I have just want to make fancy coffee. I didn’t realize how much of a blessing my coworkers. On my first day on the job, I was told that I’d get close to my coworkers and I didn’t believe it. It’s been a month and texting really just isn’t the same. Besides that, it’s the community around the business that I miss. It’s the manager at the sandwich shop who knows his regulars orders by heart,  the girls who work at the tattoo shop wearing the coolest clothes coming in for lunch, and the photographers who come in frequently to take photos in the shop. A few years ago I would have never expected a city block to make an impact in my life but it has.

While we all have our own roles in the shop, we all work well together, and its something beautiful.

  • House/Dinner parties.

We’ve had a few people at the house here and there (mostly for work-related reasons). However, for the most part, it’s just been my boyfriend and me at the house.  I miss the weekend nights that we share drinks and maybe dinner with friends and listen to 90s hip hop.  For a while, we were entertaining almost every weekend, sometimes things were planned prior but frequently it wasn’t. I am grateful for a home and all of the memories that we get to make in it.

  • Having the house to myself

Before Corona, my boyfriend and I had opposite schedules. He worked a normal 9-5 schedule, and I worked afternoons/evenings. He had a few hours by himself in the evening, and I had the morning to do my own thing. Things are different now. I love my boyfriend and we get along well. However, we haven’t really spent time apart in awhile. I hate being alone, but sometimes I enjoy it. I am grateful that our home is large enough that we can have our own space when needed.

The things I’ve learned how to appreciate because of Corona

  • Journaling/writing.

I had gotten into a big slump of not getting any content out there. I would sit at my desk and write a little bit and then press delete. Last week, I started making myself write in my journal every day. I put some soothing music on, have my coffee nearby, shut the door and just write about whatever is on my mind. I had forgotten that it is kinda fun to write without feeling obligated to show it to anyone.

  • Not wearing Makeup.

I’m starting to have a love-hate relationship with makeup. Because I haven’t really been going anywhere, I haven’t been wearing makeup as often. It’s been kind of freeing but at the same time, I feel like I’m more productive when I have some lipstick on.

  • Facetime/Phone Calls

I am from the age of texting. I prefer to call people over texting, but lately, I’ve found myself having phone calls/Facetiming individuals who I normally wouldn’t be talking too and it’s been fun.

  • Watching Posing Videos

I used to HATE watching posing videos. I would watch them before shoots, but it was something I’ve never been a fan of (yes, that’s something I should NEVER publically admit). My boyfriend challenged me to take this time to become a better model. Because nobody is booking/shooting the desire to shoot has been coming back. Honestly, I had lost that for a while. Now, when I’m practicing I am dreaming of that kick-ass editorial that I’m going to book someday, hopefully soon.

  • Coffee at Home

It’s fair to say that I’m a fan of the coffee world. Before COVID-19, I didn’t use my coffee maker all that much because I’d get caffeinated at work or I’d visit my favorite spots. To my knowledge, all of the boujee spots on my side of town have shut down. I’ve trying to get creative of ways to make my daily dose of caffeine not as boring and its been a fun challenge. However, when the business opens back up I will be visiting my favorite baristas.

I hope you are doing well and finding ways to stay entertained. If you want to reach out, feel free!

With all of the llama love,


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