I Don’t Pray That I Will Book Jobs

Vegan, model, barista, and blogger. These are the areas that I define myself. Through all of my endeavors, I want to be light to others. I spend more energy pursuing certain aspects of my life than others. In my last post, I shared about veganism. Today, I’m going to share about modeling.

Some take a look at my lifestyle or even Instagram and be surprised that I pray. When I first started taking pictures, I desired to keep God first, and that is still my mission.

Trying to pursue the entertainment industry can be stressful. There isn’t that much job security. You never know when the shoot you have booked next, will be the last one you have for a while. I don’t pray that God will give me jobs. Instead, I ask for the right people to come along my path. I don’t want to start seeing G-d as some kind of goodluck charm. It’s pretty cool, because many times after I pray a photographer comes into the coffee shop I work at or I get an uber whos worked in the industry. The most important thing that I pray for is safety for myself and others. There are so many aspects of the job thats dangerous. I’ve had some rough occurrences throughout the years. That is a huge reason as to why I don’t pray for specific jobs. He knows what is best. I’ve canceled opportunities last minute because something just didn’t feel right, and sometimes I found out later as to why something was telling me not to show up. I trust that the work will always come, and sometimes it has required waiting a while before booking something new. I’d rather stay at home and miss out on something to add to my resume then risk being harmed.

 With love,

Lama Leah

As always, feel free to reach out.

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