How to Avoid Modeling Scams Part 1

I have shared my journey as a an aspiring modeling/actress on this platform from the very beginning. I thought that instead of sharing a devotional/feel good shoot, I would write about mistakes aspiring talent sometimes make when trying to gain fame.
Here are some scams that I have been seeing in the past few months in my area:
~ Anything that promises immediate fortune or fame.
This may obvious enough, but I still see others falling for these scams everyday. It is very rare that someone who is pursuing the industry will experience immediate celebrity status. It’s not impossible, however the likelihood of that happening is slim. There are new forms of this classic scam all the time.
~ Talent expos, conferences, or conventions. This one is tricky, and not ALL talent conventions are scams. However, they are typically expensive and don’t always offer results that are presented on the expos website. Ask questions such as who will attend, and what kind of career past talent has after the conference. IMTA is a reputable talent expo.
~ “Agencies” that “Require” nude or scandalous photos prior to getting “Work.
I do not have any knowledge on the Glamour, Swimsuit, or lingerie world of modeling. I highly suggest that you do your own research if you aspire to be in those genres of modeling. For a fashion model, swimsuit photos may be required.
However, a legitimate commercial agency would never ask for these things.
If you are speaking to photographers or clients it goes as the following:
If a “Photographer” gets upset with you when you deny sending nude photos, they are not worth your time and are not professional in any sense. They likely have a reputation that isn’t the greatest, and try to prey on aspiring talent.
~ If the “Client” requires payment from YOU. Every model needs to have a good test shoot for marketing material. This is when you would pay the photographer so that YOU can have photos to show to other agencies or clients. These shoots are for your own portfolio. I highly suggest investing in photographers who knows what they are doing, and will help you acquire future clients (expect to pay $300-600 I’m in the midwest so keep that in perspective as well). I suggest, working with different photographers to build your portfolio, but keep in mind that it is for your portfolio and you should be paying for those shoots.
However, if you are paying to be a “Hair model” or to walk in a fashion show, you are probably being scammed. Don’t get me wrong, doing trade work is a great way to build your portfolio/resume. Paying for outfits or a makeup artist. is alright. But if you are getting asked to make a payment to do a photo shoot that is for the photographers portfolio, you are getting ripped off.


I hope this helps! I am by no means claiming to say I know it all. However if you have any questions, feel free to email me or send me a message.
Email: lamaleahblog@gmail.com
Photo Credit: Nerdy Studios

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