Yom Kippur Playlist 2018- Growing up Messianic

Shalom, the holiday of Yom Kippur begins in a couple of hours at Sunset of September 18, 2018, and will go until the sunset of the 19th. Contrary to the majority of most Jewish holidays, this is a somber observation. As almost everyone has their own interpretations as to how this day should be observed, I decided to put together a short Messianic driven playlist for your day.

Worshipful Songs:

Bo Ruach Elohim

In Your Presence- Paul Wilbur

Let The Weight of Your Glory Fall- Paul Wilbur 

Brokennes Aside- All Sons and Daughters

*For Some reason I cannot get a link to work on this one

How Can It Be? – Lauren Daigle 

Kodesh- Paul Wilbur 

Uplifting Songs

Face to Face- Mat Kearney 

This is Amazing Grace- Phil Wickham 

Start a Fire- Unspoken 

If you personally decide not to use electronics on this Holy day, I hope that this playlist can be a blessing in the future. May you have an easy and meaningful fast.



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