Questions I have: Growing up Messianic part 3

Being Messianic is more than just a religion to me, it is a lifestyle and love. I would not change my upbringing for the world. As I have only known this faith, I have a few questions for other believers and the non-Jesus loving world.

  • What do people do on Friday nights? I grew up ALWAYS being at Temple and that is all I know
  • Why is bacon so trendy? Really though, what is the appeal to it?
  • Why don’t you dance at Church? Aren’t you supposed to be joyous? Where is all of the joy?
  • Why do you only celebrate Christmas and Easter? Especially when we are not commanded to nessecarly celebrate those events? I am NOT saying that those are not important to observe or that there isn’t value in it. I wonder this because there are several Mitzvahs about Gods appointed times in the Old Testament, so why don’t you follow them?
  • Why are you scared to visit my congregation? For real though, why? I invite so many to visit my place of worship and very few accept my offer.

And lastly…..

  • Why do I get looked at differently when you find out that I am Messianic? This is a questioned that I have always wondered. Occasionally, I am told that my faith is cool, but often times I receive judgment and ridicule (see previous blog posts for a more in-depth reasoning behind this question).

I love the up bringing that I had and it made me who I am today. As only a few of the Messianic childeren that I grew up with, have chosen to stay in the faith, I feel honered to be able to say that I have kepth the faith. These are simply a coulple of questions that I have always had about life. If you have any comments, or questions feel free to reach out. Love you all.






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