Feel something? Do Something

Hello! It has been awhile! I have been keeping very busy with my other pursuits outside of blogging (along with traveling all over the country in the past month) and have had little time to write for this site. I wanted to share a few quick thoughts that I have this afternoon and I am going to make this blog post Leah style, which means that it is going to be, short, sweet, and to the point.

Last night, I was in the middle of nowhere in Oklahoma, traveling home, and had a strange experience, that I know was from God. As I had time and space to think about anything I wanted too, my former modeling school was cautiously on my mind. At the moment, I could not tell you why this institution was on my mind. I would try to think about something else, and then the school would come back to my mind. I could not, not, think about it. I had a horrible, almost sick to my stomach feeling everytime that I thought about it. I could not tell you why, though. I had a wonderful time as a student and grew tremendously as a model. I was to the point that I was uncomfortable and said a short prayer for all of the staff members, and after I did that, the feeling went away.

Today, I got more of an explanation as to why I may have had this experience. I found out that during the time of my utter uncomfortableness, an act of gun violence was happening less than a mile from the modeling school. I am not sure if I personally knew anyone who was affected by the shooting, but the victims are in my thoughts and prayers.

I want to encourage you to listen to that gutt feeling when you feel that something could be off. Because many times, it might not make any logical sense, but true gutt feelings are a gift from God. See something, feel something, do something.

Love you all! Stay safe!



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