Confessions Of A Dyslexic Pretty Girl, Part 2 

Almost two years ago I published a post titled, “My Value has not decreased, It may just be a little different then yours~ Confessions of a dyslexic ‘Pretty girl’  I wrote this blog at a vulnerable time in my life when I was trying to figure out, “Whats next?” I was insecure about not going to college because I didn’t get in. In fact, I just barely graduated high school. I shared about how I found my niche in fashion, and makeup as a creative outlet when school was too stressful. Times have changed since writing that post and I decided to do a part two. 

I cried out of insecurity when writing that post and to my suprise, it ended up getting national attention. I think my readers appreciated my honestly and how I was vulnerable. 

About a year ago, I started my path towards the entertainment industry. I was in hopes of becoming a singer, however I was advised by several industry professionals to try focusing modeling as well. When I was given this advice, my heart always sunk a little bit. I never felt as if I was good at anything besides having a decent physical look. I didn’t want this advice, but I understood that those that were giving me the advice knew what they were talking. I didn’t want to loose opportunities simply because I had to much pride not to listen to them. 

I found that I actually love being in front of the camera as a model. Within a short period of time, I have accumulated a large portfolio. Additionally, I believe that I have found the route that I would like to take my professional career. I’ve learned that I love branding and marketing. I’ve leared that I can tell stories with not only words, but through pictures with my emotions and poses. I’ve learned that eventually, I want to be on the other side of the industry as a talented scout, industry coach, or a booking agent. I probably would not have learned these facts if I hadn’t embraced my physical appearance that I was embarrassed about two years ago. What I have learned is that being physically attractive is NOT a fault in the way that I saw it not too long ago. Meanwhile being academic is NOT a fault. I still wish that I was mentally able to achieve the dreams I had as a child to pursue an academic path. However I am no longer sad and have accepted it. I am contented within finding that I am pretty.

Pretty loving 

Pretty talented 

Pretty insightful 

Pretty nice

Pretty creative 

Pretty determined 

Pretty strong 

With much love, 


Facebook: Lamaleahblog & Leah Pilcher Actress/Model

Instagram: @Modellamaleah & @Lamaleahblog 

Twitter: @lamaleahblog 

Email: lamaleahblog@gmail.com 

Photo courtesy of AB Portraiture

Hair and Makeup: Unica Beauty 


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