The WOW Project- Now Accepting Submissions

As many of you know, I consider myself to be a feminist (yay for girl power). This past October, the #Metoo movement came about when the allegations of sexual abuse against  Harvey Weinstien was released to the public. Within a matter of days, I had individuals asking me as a model, what my thoughts were on this issue. I responded by saying that I am not surprised because even in the tiny city of Wichita Kansas, I have personally had a handful of negative experiences from photographers in the area, and the deeper I grow into the industry, the more I learn about the darkness within it. From a personal standpoint, it feels as if the more well known the photographer is, the more they tend to get away with misconduct. As a women who was once a victim, I feel that I have a personal responsiblity to the public to bring light to this issue that is so prevalent in this city but few know about unless they are in the photography/modeling/stylist community.

This is where the W.O.W. project comes in.

W.O.W. stands for Weinstiens of Wichita. I desire for the issue of sexual harassment, abuse, and assault between photographers and models to be an issue that is known to the general public. I am now accepting submissions for Wichita area models to guest blog  about their personal experiences when it comes to this subject.

Submissions can be sent to lamaleahblog@gmail.com


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