I (Will) Have Typos

I have typos on this blog. Even as I double-check my drafts before posting, I always seem to miss something. As a writer, this scares me but I have had to learn how to allow myself to share grace… even when it’s grace towards myself. I have had to learn how to say after I have caught the typos (these types of things can be embarrassing), I can say, “It’s okay.” Every day I struggle with my dyslexia. Although this doesn’t normally affect my ability to clearly communicate, it does effect how I understand the proper use of the English language.

In the Christian community we tend to approach the concept of grace in two basic forms:

  • The grace that God has given His children,
  • The grace that we should give our brothers and sisters in Christ because of what He did, and continually does for us.

However, we forget the importance of another side of this issue. We don’t talk about giving ourselves permission to receive grace from ourselves. As a woman, I believe that this is a true problem in the church even though it is rarely spoken on. Even though I am still considered to be “young,” I am not immune to witnessing this dark issue that is essentially an issue of pride. We live in a day and age where we capture the special parts of our lives through the lenses of our camera phones, while using filters to sift through the rough parts of our journey. Through this age of filters, we tend to life with the goal of achieving the lifestyles that are as seemingly perfect as our social media feed.

It is no secret that girls in general are constantly comparing themselves to each other. Generally, as soon as we enter a room we are comparing ourselves to every other women in same vicinity.  We “judge” others for everything from outward appearances, social status, and social media status, just to name a few. We live in a society where we are expected to be perfect. We naturally desire to have a Pinterest-perfect life, but that is not how life seems to work. The thing is…we are going fail multiple times on our journey. We will fail our friends. We will fail our families. We will fail God and at times we will fail our own expectations that we have set for ourselves. It is within these times that grace comes into the picture.

I have found that in the Christian community women can be great at displaying grace towards others. However, we lack in the area of allowing grace for us individually. We can forgive others when they sin against us, but we struggle with forgiving ourselves when we fall into temptation.  From experience, I have learned that sometimes the greatest forms of healing can happen when you let go and forgive yourself after accepting the full forgiveness from God. The enemy tries to keep us in bondage of our own guilt and sin when we don’t allow grace to enter in our own hearts. If you truly believe that the creator of the ENTIRE universe can, and has forgiven you, what is stopping you from forgiving yourself?

I believe that something that sets this blog apart is my honesty about the struggles that I go through. It is my goal as a blogger to be transparent to anyone who reads this blog. I desire to be the same girl when I am online, and offline.  I am not always going to be politically correct or even grammatically correct for that manner. As you are a reader, I ask for grace from you. Grace, as I haven’t been the best at posting these past few months. Grace, as I seem to be writing about similar topics every week. Grace, as I don’t catch every typo. As writer, I want to emphasize how grateful I am for those who read this blog. I often times pray for God to give me the correct words to use, so that Lama-Leah can be a blessing to others.

I challenge you to display grace in all areas of your life and be transparent in your daily life.

Love you all! ~Lama-Leah

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