YOU ARE BELOVED! National Eating Disorder Awareness Week

It is national eating disorder  awareness week. If you are fighting the demons of an ED I want to remind you of three words.


You truly are. You are worthy of fighting to recover. Your value does not consist of the outside of your physical body but is in the depths of your soul. You were created with precision and passion by a loving heavenly father. He is in pain as He is watching you struggle because you don’t understand just how much He deeply loves you. If you are considering taking the rewarding road to recovery here a just a few of my thoughts on how this can be achieved (note that I am NOT a therapist these are just some of my own ideas).

  • Research and try *fresh* juices such as Boathouse, Naked, and local juice companies
  • Seek professional help. I cannot stress this enough
  • Create a reliable accountability system
  • Make an appointment with a nutritionist
  • Make a list of your goals
  • Remind yourself regularly your reasons to be healthy
  • Stay away from fashion magazines
  • Take a break from social media
  • Meditate upon the bible
  • Volunteer work on making genuine change in the world in the areas that you feel most passionate about
  •  Adopt a pet
  • Reward yourself the small but yet challenging steps of healing physically and emotionally!

If you choose to recover it might not be an easy walk, however I promise you that it is worth it. I challenge you to consider if it worth to die only to be thin.  YOU ARE BELOVED!


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