I Have a Dream For Change 

Shabbot Shalom. The Lord has been doing some great things. I have been checking stats and am pleased to announce that Lama-Leah has had more views in September than any other month so far! It has also been viewed in over fifty countries this year! Thank you all for reading.

My last post has gotten many reactions. Shortly after posting, I received a number of comments on my personal facebook page, private messages, and I’ve had friends who read it personally talk to me about it. I’ve recieved an overwhelming amount of love and support. I had one particular male friend who was extra supportive. He is a gentleman. I am grateful to have him as a friend (and be friends with his friends) because they give me hope that not every guy out there only desires to use me for my body. With this friend, I’ve been quiet about the situations I’ve been in because I knew that if I told him it would hurt him. When he read my last post it was a shock to him. I have so many more stories that I could tell about getting unwanted attention, being treated different, being catcalled, and generally not always feeling safe as a woman.

 As I talked with him something that stuck out to me went along the lines of this:

Friend, “I just don’t understand how someone can be that–”

Me, “Icky?”

Friend, “Yeah, that’s one way to describe it. I just don’t understand.”

At that point I think he understands a little bit more why I consider myself to be a feminist. Having the honor to be friends with a gentleman who thinks that way is rare. 

I have a dream. My dream is that it becomes rare for a female to be disrespected purely because of her gender. I dream for the day that I can become friends with a guy and not have to wonder if they are only being friendly to me for the purpose of getting me into their bedroom. I have a dream that I won’t feel the need to say an extra prayer of saftey for my girlfriends who are on college campuses or big cities. I dream that one day everyone will respond to the disrespect of anyone the exact same way that my friend did. 

I have a dream for change. 

Do I think that this can happen? Absolutely. Do I think that it will happen? I am hopeful. If not in my lifetime, my future daughter’s lifetime. 


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