How To Talk About Difficult Things 

Shabbat Shalom! I have not kept up with this blog as I should be! To be completely honest over the year that I have been writing I have recieved feedback thats not always so nice and I’m the kind of person that the when I read these messages it tears me down for awhile. 

I have spent the past couple of days writing a post about abortion but have decided not to post because I know for a fact that would have made some readers angry. So tonight I’m going to keep things short and sweet. 

At synagogue tonight I had to deal with an uncomfortable situation. I’m not going to go into detail but I sought out advice from a  few trusted friends. One of my friends had much advice for me — my Puerto Rican friend to be more specific. He is loud and fun. My advice from Mr. Guio about how to conquer my specific situation (and this may work for any hard situation): when you have to talk to someone about something that has the potential to be akward, keep the conversation light-hearted, and start doing the robot dance if you didn’t communicate properly – they will think you are weird and probably go away. 

So readers, here’s my Lama-Leah wisdom for you today. Love you all!

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