Broken Nails

This weekend has been hard. I have had some disappointments but I also have had some good moments. Some friends of mine took me to see Finding Dory and that was a blessing. Being away from my anxiety for at least a few hours was marvelous.

I am guilty to admit that I slept in until almost noon. My week was has been long and I had a late night. I am sad – maybe depressed a little. I have been stressed this weekend and that has turned into being grumpy. I feel broken and confused about many things in my life. I am tired.

Because of the attitude that I had today my dad made me get out and walk my dogs with him. He said that we didn’t have to talk about my anxiety, that we could just talk about his new business that he wants to start. He told me that getting out would help me feel better and it did.

Not too far into the walk we walked passed a telephone pole. The polr is located on Main Street in the little town that I live in. The pole had dozens of nails in it from individuals posting flyers about lost pets, community events, etc. Each nail was uniquely bent. Some were completely pushed into the poll, some could easily come out, and all were bent.

The nails reminded me of each individual person that Yeshua died for. Each person being different and uniquely formed. Some hearts are completely hardened to G-d, while some desire to flee from sin. Romans 3:23 states: “For all have sinned, and fall short of the glory of G-d.”

It amazes me that Christ was even willing to die for everyone; and I’m not even talking about the fact that He actually suffered for me even on the days that I’m grumpy and sad. For the times that I reject Him and His truth, and even when I do come back He welcomes me with open arms. It is mesmerizing to me.

The next time you are having a hard season, I challenge you to reflect what Christ did. It will help put things in perspective.



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