I Am Christian But I’m Not Homophobic

I am a Christian but I am not homophobic. This seems to be twisted movement in Christianity. Homophobia is by definition: the unreasoning fear of or antipathy toward homosexuals or homosexuality. I see this especially in conservative movements. I see parents trying to completely shelter their kids from the LBGTQ community and I honestly don’t know why. I see “Christians” openly discriminating against homosexuals and transgenders. It saddens me. I have witnessed so much homophobia openly “in the name of Christ.”

I have always been exposed by the LBGTQ community and I don’t see those who have different world views, religion, sexuality, race, or anything else as people. I’m color blind persay. Those who are different than me don’t scare me. I have a  very wide variety of friends and I am proud of that. I have several friends who are LBGTQ. I have friends who are agnostic, atheist, naturalist, humanist, etc. Personally, the only time I’m going to not tolerate someone is when they disrespect my faith, my family, or my friends. I enjoy having open and honest discussions about life and religion with anyone. I mean, how am I going to have these conversations if I don’t make friends who are different from me? I am extremely grateful to have parents who did not shelter me and taught me not to discriminate or be afraid of those who are different from myself. But so many children who are growing up in the Christian culture are not as blessed as I am.

I have had countless conversations with “Christians” reasoning why I should be homophobic, but what makes them stop talking every time is when I ask them, “Do you actually know anyone in the LBGTQ community?” So far every person has said that they don’t personally know anyone in this community. This is worrisome about Christian culture. Would you be homophobic if we were talking about your sister? Would you shelter your kids then? Would you advocate homophobia if your child came out of the closet themselves? Would you think differently if it was a situation previously mentioned?

The truth is, you don’t have to agree with someone’s morals or ethics to treat them like a human being. Christians are remembered more for the negative attributes than the postive ones. I hardly hear Christianity as a whole being remembered for something positive, do you? If you want to convert someone out of the LBGTQ community, then get involved. Befriend someone, be kind, take them to dinner, form a friendship, pray for them, then present Jesus to them. Being a homophobic and completely staying away from the LBGTQ community will do nothing. Jesus himself did not hang out with the church. He ministered to prostitutes, fishermen, and tax collecters. He ministered to those who were looked down upon in society. Did He treat those crowds differently than He treated those who were socially higher? Nope. Did Jesus discriminate the way “Christians” do in Christ’s name? When Target announced their new bathroom policy I witnessed a Christian “joke” about going into the store and vandalizing the bathrooms. In acts of hate, what are you really doing? The most influential leaders have protested non-violently and were the most successful. It’s great to know what you believe but please don’t do hateful acts in the name of Christ. Anyone who does that hasn’t truly sought God’s face. Not one of the fruits of the spirit is discrimination.


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