Happy Pasech! I hope you are not craving bagels and lox too bad yet. Today mid morning I was excited when I realized I hadn’t had any leavening! Then I realized that I hadn’t eaten anything since the Seder that I went to last night.

When I was a young girl the best part of the Seder was searching for the afikomen. I don’t think that I have ever found it. I was always dainty when I was looking. Even now that I’m a “big girl” watching the children search with all their heart for the afikomen is encouraging and fun.

If you have been to a Messianic Jewish Passover Seder it was most likely alluded to that the afikomen represents Yeshua. After the afikomen is found the third cup is taken and this cup specifically is meant for communion. When communion taken we are remembering Yeshua ‘s blood sacrifice. The afikomen is a remembernce of the flesh and the third cup is remembering the blood.

When the afikomen is found typically the child who finds it will receive a prize and, depending on the seder, the other children who searched for it also get a prize but usually a smaller prize.

I have been reflecting on the afikomen this Pasech. What if I eagerly searched for Yeshua the way children eagerly search for the matzo? What the entire church searched for Yeshua this way? I do a lot of volunteer work with children of many ages. What I have found is that the younger they are the more passion for God there is. When they grow older the passion that was once there dissolves. By the time they are teenagers little sets them apart from the world.

How can the innocence and passion for God of a young Christian stay with them when they are older? It is by staying on the path of righteousness and fleeing from evil ways.

The next time you have an opportunity to share with anyone about your faith, I challenge you to rush to the opportunity the way young child rush to the afikomen during Passover.


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