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Leftover Crumbs

Passover is on its way! I have to admit that I am loading up on carbs this week. People who don’t observe Passover don’t truly understand the struggle of avoiding bagels for a week, especially because we are around items with levening.

Passover has many traditions and rituals. One of them is to completely clean your house before the festival and take out all items that have leavening in them, but you leave a small part of the crumbs and the parents hide it. Once it is hidden the children find it, and then the family proceeds to burn it. This is a standard tradition in Jewish homes.

As Pesach is only a few days away I thought it would be fitting to talk about the physical and spiritual preparation of this feast. I have been touched over the past week by the amount of people who are hurting. Several have expressed to me that they are struggling with different things, but are not exactly being open about it to many. It has been concerning to me. Although none whom I’ve talked to are a Messianic, orthodox, or hasidic Jew, and they will not even be thinking about Passover, there are still things that they can learn from it. But I’m sure someone reading this is struggling with the same thing and will be observing Passover.

Around Easter Christians tend to reflect on their sin nature. Well… I’m not actually positive about that, but I imagine they do something like that. I’ve had to go to enough Easter related things that I kinda get that idea. There’s times that repentance is emphasized usually before salvation is adressed.

We all have areas in our lives that need to be cleaned out. Honestly, that is uncomfortable to do. I have to check myself on a regular basis because I fall into sin all the time. It’s easy to get rid of the stuff that is  comfortable enough to adress with God and get rid of; it’s nice and easy to hide things from God, but in reality it doesn’t do any good. He already knows what you are involved in but if you keep your hidden parts from God you will have heartache eventually.

As you clean your home for Passover, I challenge you to exam your heart. When the crumbs are left in your house, think about the sin that you have left in your spiritual house.


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