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An Empty Tomb Vs An Empty Plastic Egg

Chocolate bunnies and colorful eggs, Easter Sunday is coming up!  As I have mentioned before, I have grown up a Messianic household observing biblical Jewish holidays. My family has not personally observed this holiday in over twelve years. I personally don’t remember observing this holiday with my immediate family, however I have family who celebrate this holiday and have gone to Easter related events in honor of my protestant family.

I embarrassed to admit that I have participated in the Easter bunny. I have hunted for Easter eggs and have had an Easter basket. I am trying to erase those memories because I have always been exposed to the evils of the Easter bunny from individuals of my congregation. I must note that I had a big rebellious stage growing up and participated in pagan events that many Christians code as being Biblical. Since that stage of life I have repented and have learned what I believe and why.

During this time of year I always get a little bit grumpy. Now and at Christmas time I try to be in a good mood but I’m usually not. At this time of year it become extremely obvious as to who’s really following God and who is following the world, and sadly most are following the world.

I say this because Easter, especially, is filled with pagan traditions. What Easter stands for in itself is pure, it’s when the world starts making their own traditions that it starts to become tainted because humans are tainted and sinful creatures by nature. It’s wonderful if you are going to celebrate Yeshua rising from the dead! Remember why you are celebrating this.

This year in paticular, I have heard about more and more Christian churches hosting big events exalting the “Bunny”. My question is why? Christians say that Jews forgot why they follow the law and find meaning in the law instead of God, but they can say the same about Pagen traditions in Christian holidays? The difference between my synagogue having a large Passover Seder versus a Sunday church having a community huge egg hunt is that God commands us to observe this holiday and egg hunting has deep roots made from false gods.

My intention is not to point out these Church’s in a bad way, but question. I’m questioning your motives. If the motive of a church hosting a big Easter bunny extravaganza is to “bring families to church,” I think there are more effective ways to do so. Any parent who does not want to hear about Christ, will not bring their children to a church egg hunt. If you want to bring families to church start by taking care of their physical needs first, then their spiritual needs. Maybe instead of churches having huge Easter egg hunts they could have a big community Easter dinner or a clothing distribution day. How cool would it be if instead of celebrating the miracle of Easter to serve HIM instead of taking part of traditions that are anything but Christ like.

I am going to argue that all of the “fluff” that comes with Easter is the enemies way of distracting us from the real reason Christians celebrate this holiday in the first place. Satan CAN’T STAND that Christ rose from the dead because in that Christ defeated Satan! The enemy tries so hard to stop God’s children from following Christ. Unfortunately, this is working in so many churches today. It’s sad because we can combat this through Christ’s blood, but how many are really doing that and desiring to celebrate Christ in a pure matter? I could attend any Christian church on Easter Sunday and hear talk about the bunny; in fact I might hear even more talk about “Easter fluff” than the real reason for the season. Christians have dumbed down the miracle that Yeshua defeated death and have put this in the same category as a fictious bunny and plastic colorful eggs. How can you not say that Satan isn’t trying to use his weak powers to take away from Christ?

I don’t write to please readers, I write for readers to look at topics in ways that they may not have before. I do ask that if you have something negative to say about this specific post, please contact me in a private manner. I would love to have feedback. You can contact me at:


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