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The Hour Glass

Inspiration can be found anywhere, if you look in the right places. For me, I became inspired in grocery stores. Yes, it’s probably not where everyone finds inspiration but it works for me. The color of the produce is beautiful and within that limited space I see endless possibilities of combinations to bring into the kitchen. It is a reminder that in life there’s endless possibilities of ways to live life.

I enjoy cooking. I don’t enjoy cooking with recipes because that becomes restrictive to what can be added into a dish. When you are cooking this works well, however, when you’re baking you can’t really operate that way. I think I might be a decent cook but I am HORRIBLE at baking. Even when I try to follow a recipe while baking I usually forgot at least one ingredient.

This weekend I had to do some baking for a volunteer fundraiser. Honestly, I was dreading this because baking is not my forte. Before starting my baking fest I went on a Netflix bing session of Fuller House. After I finished my baking, I reflected on my evening when I was cleaning the bowl to my mother’s Kitchen Aid mixer.

Baked goods are not necessarily nutritious. They are yummy, but are essentially carbs, sugar, and empty calories. I do enjoy my homemade baked goods, but they need to be consumed in moderation. In fact, a lot of the meals that are in the American diet fall in this category.

In life we all have a tendency to consume empty calories ourselves in forms of food or entertainment. I do enjoy my Fuller House but after an hour of watching it I really haven’t fed my brain besides thinking about how much DJ and Steve need to get together. 😉 But if I spent an hour reading I would of accomplished much more. But also if I gorged myself on my mom’s baked goods I would not really accomplish anything. Neither one of these are bad, however it’s all a matter of moderation.

My challenge for you is to find things that don’t only consume food that fills your belly, but entertainment that fills your soul. Read, meet new people from other cultures, go to art galleries, even create art yourself, but most importantly always keep learning.

You have a limited number of minuets to live this life. How are you going spend the ones that seemingly don’t matter?


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