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Worthless Insecurities

Valentine’s day! My absolute favorite holiday. This is my last post about V-Day I promise! Well at least for a year. 😉

Yesterday I had a “Makeover day.” I was going to a school dinner with a honorable young man and went to a salon to have my hair and makeup done.

Well lets face it, when a girl walks into a room they compare themselves to every other girl in the room. The more confident that one is, the less need to compare themselves.  Every lady has insecurities about their appearance. It does not matter how confident one is, they will still have insecurities.

All of my life I have been insecure about my eyes. I have been made fun of for them for many years, and before others started making fun of them I was still insecure. Bullies have said lots of things about them. One year for a science project I made it all out of googly eyes, just to show it to the bullies in my class.

For my dinner, I asked the makeup artist to do smokey eyes. I am highly vulnerable about my eyes. Someone who influential in the modeling industry came over to talk to me. They started a conversation with me, and complimented on the very thing that I am most insecure about… my eyes! He told me that I have eyes and lips that models have.  My mother recognized this person and came over to join this conversation. To my embarrassment my Mother tells this person how bullies make fun of my eyes. In a nice way they told me that I am stupid if I believe them because I apreantly have good model eyes. I am not sure if they were just being nice or if he was genuine. However it was encouraging.

This really made me think about insecurities in general. Humans degrade ourselves and others all of the time. I will believe what bullies say about my eyes. This is not the first person, “In the industry” who has told me this a few people have in fact. However I still don’t believe anyone who actually knows what they are talking about if or when they say something positive about my appearance.

Ladies do this all of the time too.  G-D CREATED YOU IN HIS PERFECT IMAGE, AND YET YOU STILL BELIEVE WHAT OTHERS SAY INSTEAD OF REMEMBERING THAT G-D ULTIMATELY KNOWS THE PERFECT STANDARD. Why do we do this? You were created in HIS image then why does it matter what anyone else about your appearance? You are beautiful in your own way. Why don’t you believe it?

What good does it do if you listen to those who don’t know anything about beauty instead of the one who created beauty itself? HE created YOU and knew YOU before you were born. Isn’t that good enough for you?


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