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HE Completes Me

Ladies, it’s that time of year again! Valentines day! As I have mentioned earlier, this is my favorite non-Jewish holiday. This holiday features some of my favorite things: chocolate, the color pink, and red, and lovey dovey stuff. Oh, it’s my favorite time of the year. I cannot tell you how many times I have gone to the Valentine’s day section of Target in anticipation and my home was decorated for this before New Years; I decorated on Christmas eve day because what is one who does not really observe Christmas suppose to do on the awkward days of Christmas eve and Christmas day? All of the stores are busy, it’s cold outside, and many places are closed and so I find pleasure in just staying at home during those retail oriented days in December.

For me, Valentine’s day is an exciting time of year. Growing up my mother always attempted to make heart shaped pancakes for breakfast and my family would have a little celebration in the morning at home.

Well, as I have become older the whole Valentine’s day thing has gotten less fun and games and more serious. I am in the awkward stage that Valentine’s day is no longer just fun. It is romantic  for many in my age group. Don’t get me wrong, I love the idea of romance but sometimes I think it becomes overrated to a certain degree.

As Valentine’s day comes closer, I, and probably everyone reading this, will see or hear someone proclaim that their relationship completes them. Isn’t that special?

This saying comes from the understanding that soulmates exist, no one can ever be complete without being in a emotionally and sexually satisfying relationship. Everyone is walking around with a puzzle piece trying to find someone that the piece can fit with. Sometimes around Valentine’s day people walk around trying to force that puzzle piece to fit and by the time that Purim comes around those are just two puzzle pieces all alone without having a fit. To my readers, what is the point of forcing a relationship to work for the holidays if you don’t think that the relationship with last in the long run?

Let’s pretend that it is Black Friday. You have been shopping all night and you finally purchased an iPhone 7. You have wanted this item for months since Apple has announced it. You have been dreaming and planning on buying it for a long time and you simply cannot wait to play with your new device.  You already know what apps you want to add and have a case picked out. The moment of purchasing it has come. You are extremely excited to open the box and play with it. Several hours into playing with the phone the battery is dead and you are bored with it. You hoped that it would satisfy your desires, but instead put you in line for the next apple device. The longing and expectations that you had for being satisfied did not last more then a few hours. You ended up disappointed and just wanting something else.

I used this analogy because this society seems to do this with relationships. We count on a significant other to fulfill and satisfy our deep emotional needs. However, when one person or one item does not do this, we continue to search in new relationships or toys and eventually have too much stuff that we don’t know what to do with, or single and just more hurt than you had been because in what you were hoping to become complete in ended up not doing for you what you hoped for.

Relationships are great. Whether it is in a form or friendship or romantically. I truly believe that sometimes romantic relationships do not always work out but were still meant to happen. Sometimes a significant other can teach you life lessons about experiences and cultures, even if it does not end with a wedding ring. The same goes with friendship.

However, healthy Christian romantic relationships should draw you closer to G-d than to each other.  It should be challenging each other in your faith and testimony. A relationship will have a hard time surviving if you truly believe that your significant other will complete you because you will end up emotionally empty at the end of the day.

BEFORE pursuing any kind of romantic relationship, you need to discover who you are in Yeshua and that HIS BLOOD is the only thing that will TRULY complete you!

Men and women were created for each other, but in the unity of G-d. When Adam and Eve took G-d out of their plans that is when they sinned. So how is that different from modern day boyfriend / girlfriend relationships?

G-d creates in HIS image so how does that not make you special in HIS sight, let alone anyone else’s? If you completely believe this, then why are many of my generation still searching for fulfillment outside of HIM, because that’s clearly not how life is suppose to be?

As Valentine’s day quickly arrives, I challenge you who are or desire to be in a romantic relationship to SEEK your identity in Christ – not in any thing, position, or anyone. If you truly do this, your life will drastically change.




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