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If I won the Powerball…

“If I won the powerball I would…”
January 13, 2016 the powerball is up to $1.5 BILLION dollars.

With all of this money up for grabs this country has mentally prepared to be a billionaire. I have heard dozens of individuals publicly fantasize about being wealthy.

Yes, it’s fun to think about this but how profitable is it do that?

If I won I’d give most of it to charity.”

If I won it I’d change the world.”

If I won I would support missionaries.”

Do you notice a lot of the word “if” ? My question to all of you anticipating the Powerball, what are you going to do if you don’t win? If you stay in the same financial position, how will you impact the world then?

Although money helps, you can still make an impact on the world without having a dime. The simplest things will change the world. Martin Luther king Jr, Jesus, Ghandi, all of these men were not rich by the world’s standards, however, they did make a huge impact on the world.

Are you going to wait for your financial situation to change before working to make a positive impact on the world? Or are you going to be the one who made a difference in spite of your financial situation?



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