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Baby, It Says It’s Positive

“She is so young.” “She is a good girl. Good girls don’t get in trouble.” “She should take care of it.” “She made a mistake.

Well, if you haven’t figured out this weeks topic is teen pregnancy. Gasp! And no, I’m not making a pregnancy announcement.

I love others! G-d has given me a heart for teen girls who are struggling with consequences of their own actions and the consequences of others actions. I, as has everyone, in some form have dealt with both. Naturally, teen pregnancy is an area that is in this wide variety of topics.

Recently, a friend introduced me to the television show“Once Upon a Time.” In one of the episodes one of the Princess’ was pregnant at a young age. In one scene her boyfriend’s father did not say nice things about the her bring with child. This particular scene bothered me.

Society says that expectant mothers who are not in ideal situations made a mistake. This is a stigma that I believe should be changed.

When you call these ladies as “making a mistake,” the child will believe that they are a mistake. Biblically, the Bible never says a baby in- or out-of-wedlock is a mistake. Even though in some instances once the child comes into the world, loved ones will see the situation different; children who are born into this situation will one day hear unplanned pregnancy as being a mistake. By association,  when you say this about one expectant mother who is not in an ideal situation, you are saying this about any mother who has ever walked in the same or similar shoes.

Think about it, G-d said that He knew you before you were born! Notice He didn’t say that “I knew you before you were born if your parents saved their virginity for marriage.” He said I knew YOU – not giving any conditions on the way that you were conceived.
Also, He said that He knit you together in your mother’s womb, does that sound like a mistake to you? He knew you! And He knew the situation that your birth parents would be in when they conceived you.

This Christian culture points out teen parents and yet says that they are pro-life. This is extremely hypocritical. If Christians were truly pro-life, they would embrace rather than judge; offer to help instead of offering certain passages of the Bible: and lastly, love instead of hate. If we truly believed that babies were created by the heavenly Father, Christians wouldn’t be as quick to judge.

I simply do not understand this. When a woman finds out that she is with child, she basically has four options: she can keep the child, have a closed adoption, open adoption, or abort the infant. Christians judge if they choose the fourth option and yet continue to judge if they choose the first option. Christians do not remember that G-d’s son who came to save the world came from an unwed teenage mother.

Think about it, when Mary found out that she was pregnant and not married, she was probably a social outcast. The fact that she said that was a virgin, too… she was probably seen as a crazy person! Today, in some cases someone such as Mary would be a social outcast. Two hundred years ago someone who was not married and pregnant would be a social outcast, let alone
two thousand years ago! 

Mary did amazing amazing things for her times. She did amazing things for any time period! In this Christmas season, I challenge you to reflect not only on Yeshua, but also on Mary. She was given a task by G-d that was not easy by any means. A young virgin gave birth to a Son who came to save first the Jews and then the Gentiles. How’s that for a positive pregnancy announcement? Who would ever say, “She made a mistake” after that?


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