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Three Pointers

High school basketball. A social event that is dear to many but not me. Last night I went to my first home basketball game of the year with a friend. I was excited to watch one of my friends on the other team play. The friend whom I went with and I both agreed that we would rather come for the pep band then the game, we had no idea what was going on, and we cheered when everyone else is playing. Needless to say neither of us are athletes especially not basketball players.

In a heart beat I would go to the symphony over a sporting event but I do acknowledge that the atmosphere of sporting events are fun. The point of basketball is to aggressively through the basketball into hoop right?

While watching this high school basketball team I observed several concepts. The first is athletes are tough! They are not afraid to be aggressive to steal the ball. The second is, it takes alot of strategy in order to succeed! And lastly and most importantly, it does not matter how much talent a player has, you won’t go anywhere if you don’t communicate and work well with the team.

This concept goes much further than on the court. In life, these three things will make you go far.

1)You have to be tough. I never saw any of the players go and cry after being pushed down. What did they do? They simply stood up.
2) You have to have have strategies. Do you know where you are heading in life? If you don’t have a strategy, the other team will get the ball.
3) Teamwork. How well do you work well with others? I have learned that you don’t really have to like someone in order to work well with them. So often people who excel in one area of life and don’t work well with others, do not go as far as their potential. I’m not saying to always have everything you do be a team effort but you need to find a balance between independence and asking others for help.

If you follow these simple steps you will score many three pointers in your life.


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