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Be Someone Who Points Others to Christ Without Ever Having to Carry a Bible

You are doing holiday shopping at the mall. The lady who is in front of you in line is thin, has a juicer in her cart, and is wearing running shoes. Just by the looks this person may be an athlete or someone who is devoted to healthy living.

On to more shopping; you go to the store where you are able to find hard rock and emo music records. In the store dozens of teenagers are in there and most of them are wearing an outfit along the lines of skinny jeans, band t-shirts, dark and thick eyeliner, and extravagantly dyed hair.

Your holiday shopping is almost over, but you have been out for several hours and you need a break. You decide to try the new coffee shop in town for a middle of the afternoon coffee break. You arrive to the coffee shop and the other customers in the store are representing a crowd that you haven’t seen yet today. Your barista is a nice young man. He is probably in his early twenties. His hair is styled, is wearing a sweater that looks like it came out of his grandfathers closet but he pulls it off, and is wearing Tom’s brand shoes.

All of these groups of people are completely different. They have different communities, values, and lifestyles. No one in ether of these communities would have to verbally portray their lifestyle based off how they dress, hold themselves, talk, and treat others. You can tell alot about others based off of these basic elements.

Over the past high school years I have tried to be a part of several different communities. I have tried to act/dress similar to a hipster, rocker, country, artsy, and currently “classy” (whatever that means). What I have learned is…
1) Buying a pair of thirty dollar boots, but continuing to be afraid of dirt does not necessarily make me a country girl.
2) It is hard to strive to be a “rocker” when you play violin and go to the symphony on Sunday afternoons.
3) I’m not cool enough to be a hipster.
4) I’m kinda artsy.
5) I really have no idea what it means to be classy.

When I tried to join almost all of these communities (minus the artsy one) those who were truly a part of these social groups could easily tell that I didn’t belong in any of them. Many people who were not in those communities could tell that I wasn’t cut out to be a part of it. I have learned that I am me,and trying to become someone else to “fit in” will never work even tell I still try.

Just as you can tell much about a person by the way they dress, you can tell a lot about a person by how they put on the armor of G-d. One who puts on the full armor of G-d is able to point others to Yeshua without ever having to carry a Bible around and visibly showing others. They have a light that is so bright that it can’t be dulled because that light is shining from the same light that Jesus has.

They treat others with respect without compromising the truth, show everyone love, knows the Bible, is a listing ear, and a helping hand, intelligent about the Bible,and ministers to the lost and hopeless, and is never ashamed of Christ, and most importantly, they draw others to the love and relationship with G-d instead of pulling them away.

Putting on the armor of G-d is not easy. It is a constant spiritual renewalbbecause the stronger you are rooted into a relationship with Him, the more the devil will try to destroy you. Satan hates it when you put on the armor of G-d but it’s a battle you can win through Christ’s blood.

What’s in your wardrobe?


4 thoughts on “Be Someone Who Points Others to Christ Without Ever Having to Carry a Bible

  1. I love this so much!!! What I REALLY love is that YOUR own light shines! When you come into our Beautiful and Bold Wednesdays night, I have this little flip in my stomach because of how far you have come.. from looking a bit “down in the dumps” a couple of years ago, to smiling so much it looks like it is wrapped around your head a couple of times! 🙂 How you are talking to everyone, and being an elite JOY to our group! I love you and thank you for putting on your very own armor of God! 🙂 You are BEAUTIFUL. STUNNING. and I am blessed…you chose ME to be in your life!


  2. These are awesome words Leah! You have a true gift from our Lord in your words. Keep on writing and shining bright for God!


  3. Love the words of wisdom. I think the reason we don’t always fit in, is because this world isn’t truly meant to be our home, heaven is our home sweet home!


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