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“Forever Alone”

“Forever alone.”

A phrase that high schoolers fear will happen to them if they are not in at least a few relationships in high school. In my personal life, I see more teenage boys worried about this phrase then young ladies, but young ladies are concerned about this, too.

More and more I am seeing something that is concerning me about this generation. I am seeing girls who are settling for something that is less then what they deserve. I’m seeing teenagers who say that they are lonely or “forever alone” but once they are in that relationship their significant is doing more harm then good. I’m seeing girls in relationships with boys (notice how I said boys, not young men or “guys”) who clearly don’t respect her. Who keep profanity in their lives constantly, and don’t present themselves in neat matter. This worries me because the way that the significant other treats themself and treats others is a total reflection on how you view yourself. If you feel like scum, you are going to be in a relationship with someone who treats you like scum. If you truly believe that you are one of G-d’s beloved child, you will find one who too, knows that, treats you with respect, and loves you in a Godly matter. Ladies, you are worth more then settling for someone who has a lack of respect for you and others, and doesn’t love you in a Godly matter.

When I see my peers who are/have settled,  they seem to believe that they will find fulfillment, happiness,  or a purpose in a relationship. But the truth is having a boyfriend or girlfriend won’t do that. Yeah, they might make you happier, but you will never find a purpose, or fulfilment   in a romantic relationship with anyone on this earth. Only a personal relationship with Yeshua will bring you any kind of true fulfilment, purpose, and happiness.

Satan will disguise what true fulfillment is. He will lie, deceive, and try to fool you, but keep in mind that deceiving you is his goal!

When you make decisions in who you peruse, keep in mind what your motives are. It’s better to be single now and live for G-d, then to settle for someone who will pull you away from Him.


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