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Fall Leaves

Fall, a season for hoodies, pumpkin spice lattes, and leaves falling under the trees. There is a definite change in the atmosphere, fashion, and appearance of nature.  Besides pumpkin spice lattes, the colors and variety of leaves is my favorite thing about this season. As an artist, I love noticing variation in colors of leaves.

Today was the first day I noticed a definite change in the leaves. Some are brown, orange, red, or yellow. All of the leaves are different but have similarities. Just as a leaf falling from a tree never lands in the exact same place, in life people never “land” in the same place. In life it’s easy to compare one person’s path to another. We all blossom at different times. Just as you can’t compare how one leaf has changed in its color, texture, and size, you can’t really compare yourself to others about how they are growing spiritually, thriving in the workforce, or walking on paths that you wish you could have walked.

This past weekend I had the opportunity to talk to a man who has written a book on following your dreams. He asked me what my dream is. I was reluctant to tell him because I haven’t really gotten many good responses when I tell others what my dream is. After a little convincing, I finally told him that my dream is to be an artist someday. He gave me some advice that I have been pondering since then. He told me that sometimes when you try to follow your dreams it isn’t always your time to pursue them. He told me that the important thing is to continue to follow them after you have grown. That was encouraging because even though I would love to be a professional artist now, it may not be my time to be one. I might have to wait a long time, or it may never happen. But that won’t stop me from doing and enjoying art. I cannot compare where my leaf is falling compared to other’s leaf because G-d has a specific plan for everyone’s life.

At times I have been angry at G-d for allowing me to go through certain things. Many times I have questioned Him during enduring trials, but I am starting to see how it has all been an a part of His plan for my life. I am slowly learning that without my experience, heartache, and at times misery, I would not be able to connect with others the way I can through the trials. This blog would be very different without them because I would be a lot more close minded and unable to write with empathy towards my readers. Lama-Leah is just a small way that I’m able to use my long journey in beautiful ways.

In conclusion, each leaf is beautiful in their own way, they all land in completely different places, so don’t try to emulate somebody else’s landing speed.



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