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The Piano Keys

Music is a part of my life. In my instrument collection I have a violin, xylophone, a toy bagpipe (that actually works), and an accordion. Out of all of these instruments I have only been trained in the art of playing violin.
Even though I have not taken lessons in the other instruments, I still attempt to play the other ones. I learn by ear and love to explore how other instruments work. One instrument that intrigues me, but I do not own, is the piano. I can spend hours at my grandparents house teaching myself how to play the piano.

Whenever I have the opportunity to play any new instrument, I have to learn how to play the notes so that they sound as though they should “go” together.

On the piano it is easy to hear what notes don’t sound good together. For instance, when you play two white keys next to each other it is a guarantee that won’t sound pretty. You will hear music that you will not to hear 24/7.  On the piano, I have to learn the notes to play that will make beautiful music.
Piano keys or music notes resemble words. Just as I can combine notes that are “ugly,” I can combine words and sentences that can turn out “ugly” to others.

Words have an amazing affect on others. They can pick others up, but they can also bring others down. I could sit at a piano and play the most horrific song that you have ever heard. I could easily play something that is a combination of the sounds of a dying cat and a protester for P.E.T.A.

On the other hand, I could play a beautiful song such as Aaron Copland’s, “Simple Gifts.” I would also have a more difficult time playing this, because I would have to put in more effort and concentration instead of pushing random keys down intending for it to sound bad.

We all have a choice as to how we use our words. Many times it is easier to say things that others don’t want to hear. At certain times, in particular, it can be extremely easy to do this. When you use your tongue in fulfilling ways, you will make you those words go further then you think.

There are 88 keys on a grand piano and thousands of words in the English language. You have a choice in how you play keys. Use it wisely.



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