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“Cinderella Never Asked for a Prince, She Asked for a Night Off and a Dress” ~Kiera Cass

For little girls fairy tales are magical things. Many want to grow up to be a Princess falling in love with Prince Charming and live the classic “happily ever after.”

This is a great goal. Unfortunately, most little girls don’t end up having a royal wedding, living in a castle, and growing old in a “happily ever after” lifestyle. Life happens. Life gets busy, the house gets dirty, and bills need to be paid. At times life is rough, sad, happy, and joyful all at the same time.

When I think of classic fairy tale, Cinderella, I think of her being just an exhausted girl who needed a night out on the town. When she wanted to go to the ball she wasn’t looking for Prince Charming. She wanted fun. I applaud her for this. I don’t think she would have exactly been looking for happily ever after.

What is fun about life, is it is unpredictable. You can meet the most interesting (or boring) people anywhere. Cinderella had to be open to meeting a new person. Yeah, you may not have married Prince Charming or live in a castle or had a royal wedding, but you can still meet amazing people. Cinderella wasn’t looking for a Prince – she wanted a night off. I encourage you to have fun and be open to new relationships.


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