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A Sunny *And Rainy* Day?

This past week it rained. Rain is a great thing, but this rain was different then the typical storm. About twenty minutes before it stopped raining, it became sunny.

It looks funny when it’s raining and there’s minimal clouds, and the sun is shining. Because rainy days are typically suppose to be gloomy and dismal.

When I stepped outside to see the beautiful storm it reminded me of how on the days that will be rainy, G-d will still shine His light through to you. Sometimes when bad things happen it’s easy to take G-d out of the picture because you don’t immediately see His goodness.

In my own life I have come to realize that trials and temptations are blessings. Because when they are over, I see a clearer picture of how AMAZING G-D is! Even though it’s not by any means easy, but after every trial I see just how much His light had been showing through when I didn’t yet see it.

Typically,  all I feel is the rain but I don’t look at the light. I tend to forget that He is working in my storm. Constantly focusing on the rain makes it much easier to lose faith but the storm will not last forever. Through your own rain storms, stay faithful, meditate on His words, and look for the sun.

James 1:2



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