Be B.O.L.D. or italic

One simple phrase will rule this post, “Be B.O.L.D. or italic.” First I must define what B.O.L.D. stands for. B.O.L.D. is an acronym for
On (the)

Lately I have noticed and been convicted of the huge numbers or “Italic Christians” or “luke warm Christians.” An italic Christian is one who follows Him halfway. They trust G-ds direction in the good times but tend to drift away when seasons change and life. They often times are quiet about showing Christ’s love when they are around non believers but are B.O.L.D in the church setting or around other believers. G-d says that He will spit out luke warm Christians.

An Italic Christian as I said earlier, is luke warm. Many times other non Christians look at Christianity as a whole by the luke warm ones. Those who preach love, but judge the sinners. Who say that they are pro life, but yet look down upon ladies having babies out of wedlock, and many other similar situations. Unfortunately, there are many more italic Christians in this one then B.O.L.D. ones.

In the walk of following Christ there will be easy times and hard times. G-d NEVER promises that life will be easy, He says that He will stick it through with you. It is vital in order to be a B.O.L.D. Christian to keep pursuing G-d through the hardest times.

We need more boldness for G-d in this word. Those who fully live for Him and are .B.O.L.D. in Christ make amazing testimonies for him. You will probably be known for your trust and faithfulness in every season if you are B.O. L. D. not just italic.

I challenge you to be a B.O.L.D  follower of Christ, not Italic. What do you want to know for?


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