Art Expressions

I was browsing through my Pinterest account today and I found a quote that I really enjoy. The quote said the following, “Art is the most intense mode of individualism that the world has known.” – Oscar Wilde

This quote means a great deal to me because in the little world that I’m in during school hours and sometimes when I’m not in school, art becomes dumbed down to being purely a non abstract painting/drawing or a sculpture telling a visible story.

If this were to be true, who would the famous artist in the history books and museums? Picasso is a great example of a artist who expressed his own individualism. He used his own views of perception and color to tell stories of what was around him. I looked up the definition of “art”. There were several definitions, some are nouns and one of the nouns is “expression.” What is art without expression? What even is life without expression? Is that even possible? Even since the beginning of time expression was in the world. G-d used expression when he created the universe, Adam and Eve expressed sin when they ate the fruit.

Even the basic things in life are made with expression. Take food for example. The person who prepared the food for you used there own insights, senses, and expression to prepare the food. Other examples would be the designer of your clothes, furniture, vehicles, the architecture you see on your way to work, or the landscaper of your yard. All of these are forms of art, expression, and creativity.

When we limit ourselves to believing that art can only be on canvas we keep ourselves from seeing the beauty in life. I challenge you to see the beauty in the art that you’re surrounded by whether it be on canvas or not.

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