I’m fine

Something has been bothering me lately. I am so tired of anyone whose obviously hurting emotional telling others that the are “fine”. I myself am guilty of this one with so many others. As a culture we are suppose to answer the “how are you?” Question with “I’m fine”. It doesn’t hardly matter how the individual is feeling. In this culture men especially are “suppose” to be strong all the time. But everyone regardless of age, class, or gender will have a few rainy days!

When we get into a habit of pretending everything is ‘okay’ or ‘good’ all the time we loose a sense of reality with another. Because we are not truthful to each other.  The next time someone asks how yoy are on a rainy day, I challenge you to be honest with them. Because when everyone gets into the habit of this I feel that we could move more towards a culture that has better mental health and less stereotypes for the mentally ill.


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