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Recently I started using Bentonite clay on my face. If you are not familiar with this, it is a powder that you make into a paste, then put on your body to draw out the toxins. For the majority of the summer I was able to easily eat primarily vegetarian, but since school started it has been much harder to do so. On days that I eat more meat than I’m use to consuming, my body feels miserable.  Being a vegetarian is simple when you get use to it.

I started using the clay to get the toxins out of my body. Every individual in most parts of the world is constantly around toxins on a daily basis. From bug spray to what you package your lunch in, even (depending on your diet) your food is filled with stuff that has the power to give negative health affects.

Besides the things that fill the land that contain toxins, over the months I have slowly realized that I had toxic people in my own live. For a long time I denied it. I made excuses and exceptions for them. I called them “friends,” but they were constantly pulling me down and the thought of telling them goodbye was not something I was ready to do. As time would go on,  the stronger the toxins had gotten and the sicker my soul had become. After an attempted confrontation about this went down hill, I realized that for myself I had to say goodbye.

It was devastating for me to do, but I realized that friends are suppose to bring you up, NOT constantly bring you down. They should bring you life and godliness, not toxins. Saying bye to the toxins in my life has been one of the best things I have done. Since doing it, I have had a joy that I hadn’t had in a long time because before it was being constantly sucked out of me. I didn’t know how miserable I was until they were out of my life. To be honest, today I don’t care what those toxins think of me. They are not a part of my life anymore. I pray for them but I don’t live to impress them. When I get the “death glares” or the comments I try just to smile at them because all they are is insecure and rely on tearing down others in order to find any kind fulfilment in their life.

Some toxins you can’t avoid, but please get the unnecessary ones out of your life. Normally, you don’t know how sick the toxins have made you until you don’t have them anymore.



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